Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Handmade 365

Hello there, how are you today? Thank you for the comments on my latest cross stitch finish, I will show you a picture of it on the mantelpiece soon.   

So I told you on Sunday that I had loads to tell you and I do.  A lot of what I have been doing lately comes down to this project.  

I have been struggling with my image for a while.  I used to be an all Next girl, I never stood out from the crowd, I just blended in with everyone.  A few years ago I got my first CK bag - I loved it - I liked that it stood out and it bought colour to my sensible wardrobe.   I started to add brooches to my coat and cardigans but that's as far as I really got.    I absolutely adore the 'handmade', country, granny chic look which is how I am leaning towards dressing.  I have spent the last fortnight being a busy bee adding to my wardrobe with a skirt and a lot of new brooches.    I would like to add I am a very inexperienced sewer and apart from an apron I have only made a skirt so far.  This challenge is helping me in so many different ways. 

I stumbled across the challenge on instagram under #handmade365 and then looked at the wonderful blog of Ted and Agnes.   There is now to date 22 of us taking part.  I am on day 12 of my 365 journey.

I will be posting here every Friday my insatgram pictures of my weekly wears.  This week there will be 14 pictures. 

If you would like to join in with the challenge pop on over to ted and agnes to read more about it. 

Thank you for visiting

Laura x 

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  1. Very interesting new project! I'm going to check out that link, I've been feeling a bit uninspired by my wardrobe lately, too. Brooches are a great, and quite easy, way to start jazzing it up! Chrissie x