Friday, 7 November 2014

Grand Plans

Phew it's Friday already, I can't believe it.   I had such grand plans this week, hubby was at work and the children back to school.  I was going to get loads done.  Well none of it happened.  I don't seem to have had 5 minutes this week to do what I wanted to do.   I am usually in the house everyday apart from school run and grocery shopping.  I was out everyday this week with school trips, hospital appointments, driving lessons and reading with children at school.  I seem to have kept on top of the basics but always being in a rush throws me out of sorts a bit.  
I started a quilt top Sunday night and I was hoping to get it finished, basted and ready for quilting this weekend but it just never happened.   We are all in this new routine with my husbands new job.  When he was in the military I was very lucky that he was here to help get the boys ready in the morning and help with breakfast.  He also got home from work at 4.40pm.  Now he is out of the house 7 - 7 and I'm finding I need to be a lot more organised.  This isn't a bad thing it's just taking a bit of getting used too.   
I have also started driving lessons again.  I have stopped and started over the years, I would have a few and then something would go wrong in the house and my driving money would be used to fix it. As I am now having to catch the bus to pick the boys up from school and the bus journeys are taking 3 hours of my day, it has become quite a necessity.  The boys go to school 3 miles from where we live and we can't get transport as we are out of the catchment area.  I NEED to drive!

Anyway enough of my rambling, I wanted to show you some quilt blocks I have been making.  I have made 3 quilts before but they have been very basic just using squares.  There is a quilt-a-long over on instagram and I thought I would join in.  I haven't squared my blocks up yet and they are completely not straight but I am enjoying the process which I suppose is all that matters. 
Above is my first block and below is my second. 

I am not convinced on the above block I think it needs a bit more white but I will see what it looks like when they are all completed. 
Below is the fabric I am using, it's very retro and vintage looking which suits me perfectly. 
I am running a bit behind and everyone is on block 8 already.  I have up to block 7 cut out ready and I have promised myself that after the housework is completed tomorrow morning I am going to sew them all up.   If you fancy looking at what everyone else has done it is #SIMPLESIXINCHSAMPLER

Well thank you for visiting and if you read this far well done.   I will hopefully have a crochet finish to show you next week.
Have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing.

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