Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thursday waffles

I can't believe it's Thursday already!   I had grand plans this week to get lots completed but it's not really happened.  I have had a quite indulgent time this week though.  I met a friend for a shopping day on Monday, started my Christmas cards on Tuesday and went out with some girlfriends yesterday to a Christmas fair.
  Last night my youngest son was complaining of a sore mouth, when I looked there was a lump the size of a marble on the side of his mouth.  We all had the dentist this morning so I calpoled him up and sent him to bed.  It turns out this morning that he has an abscess which has split his tooth.  We are now on antibiotics and he will be having the tooth removed in a fortnight.  The painkillers are starting to kick in now and he has managed a nap on the sofa.  I have spent today pottering around embracing the fact I don't have to do school run this afternoon ;-) 

I love flowers

My garden is a huge mess.  We had 6 12ft trees cut down when we moved in and I planted some borders but that is as far as we got really.  A massive makeover is on the cards for next year. 

What I did plant in the garden was 'cottage garden' plants - roses, delphiniums, dahlias, stocks, etc. We had very strong winds at the beginning of the week so I some to put in my favourite jug rather than them being damaged. 

I have been cross stitching this week too.  This is a LHN pattern called Simple Joys.  I have the perfect spot for this in the hallway.  I would ideally like this finished in October.

So there you have it, my waffles for the week. 

Speak soon 

Laura x


  1. Hi Laura!
    Welcome to Blogland!!!
    Sadly we can't follow you :( (except with Google +, which I don't want to use)
    Is there any way you could add the follower button on your layout? I'm sure you'll soon have plenty more people coming to read your blog :)
    Take care, Mii xx

  2. Your embroidery is looking very pretty!
    M x

  3. Sorry to hear about your boy...your stitching project is looking so lovely! Chrissie x ps I'm with Mii, I'd love to be able to add myself as a follower so I get regular updates! :-)