Saturday, 30 November 2013

Weekend baking

I have go in to the habit the last few years of always baking on a Friday. It's not the only time of the week I bake but I always fill the tin up for the weekend.

I don't do over the top baking very often it's usually a simple fruit cake, Victoria sponge or loaf cake. Yesterday as I had a bit of time I decided to make some cupcakes.

They are a very basic chocolate sponge with a vanilla buttercream topping. I used some leftover Halloween sweets to decorate. The boys were over the moon when they came home from school.

I have been teaching my boys to cook. My 11 year old made this chicken and bacon pizza with onions and sweetcorn all by himself last night. It was delicious.

The boys are at different birthday parties today. For once they all seem to be at the same time so I have 2 hours sewing time that I can complete some gifts today.

Have a lovely day

Laura x

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Handmade 365

As I have mentioned on a previous post I am taking part in Handmade 365 on Instagram. Here is some of the handmade items I have been wearing.

A beautiful necklace which I got of eBay for £1. I feel guilty for paying so little.

I made this wrist cuff in about 20 minutes. I used some of the speciality stitches on my machine to embellish.

I made this brooch with off cuts of felt. I wear this an awful lot.

I made the button bracelet by sewing buttons on to elastic. The wool bracelet is my most treasured piece. My 7 year old son finger knitted it for me.

These wrist warmers are knitted by a very talented friend. I love them and wear them all the time.


I now have the fabric and pattern for a dress so you may see some actual handmade clothes soon.

Have a wonderful day

Laura x x

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Teacher Gifts

Hello is anyone there? I can't believe it has been a month! My laptop has broken again and there is no way it will be replaced this side of Christmas, so I have downloaded an app and am having a go from the iPhone and iPad.

So as I have had no laptop I have been busy crafting each day and have lots and lots to show you.

I wrote myself quite an extensive list this year for the homemade gifts and have been slowly plodding my way through. A few things I have completed on the list is the boys teacher gifts.

I covered 2 notebooks I picked up in Tesco for 95p. I made a wrapper for a bar of Dairy Milk and decorated 2 white paper bags. I then added a Yankee Candle tart to each bag. Hopefully the teachers will like them.


I had all of the supplies here so each teacher gift cost me about £3 which I am very happy with as a box of Roses is more than that!

If you would like tutorials for anything just let me know.

Well hopefully this post works. Thank you for visiting

Laura xx

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