Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stitch from stash update

You might want to get a cup of tea and come back, it's going to be a long one.....

Hello are you comfy? Apologies for the delay in posting February has been a hectic month. Dh has retired from the armed forces after 24 years service which has been emotional and we are busy looking for a new job for him. We have also been affected by the horrendous weather. Luckily we have not had any flooding like the south west.

Anyway I have been stitching quietly away in my own little world and have achieved quite a bit this month. I set myself quite a few goals but they weren't all achieved. It doesn't matter there is always next month.

Firstly there was a lot of valentines stitching going on. I didn't manage to get them 'made up' but I will have them already for next year now. (I will add the links in for all of the designers when I get on my laptop)

The top left hand corner is a free Lizzie*Kate design. Then we have eat, pray, love from The Sampler Girl. The heart I am not sure about I printed it off ages ago and didn't write who it was by - if anyone knows please can you let me know so I can credit the designer. The Halloween design is by The Stitcherhood. I am stitching a Halloween/autumn design each month to go on a mini black tree I bough last year in the sale for £1.50

Next is a Midsummer Night Musings freebie that has been in my stash for years. I personalised with our initials.

This is the start of another Halloween design. Again it's a freebie by Maryse.

I am itching to start a new design so I have kitted this Emily Bronte sampler that was in The Gift Of Stitching Magazine. It is designed by The Sampler Girl. I am hoping to start this over the weekend.

Another Project I am working on is CCN Daisy. I love CCN and LHN designs. This should be finished pretty soon.

I am doing another ornament which is the LHN design from the 2011 magazine. I should have this finished tonight.

Lastly here is a Lizzie*Kate design I stitched and managed to 'finish' this month.

Phew if you are still with me well done!

I have spent no money at all this month which is fantastic. I have to say I haven't even looked at the new stuff that is coming out.

Thank you so much for visiting please come again.

Laura x

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

So that was January

Good morning I can't believe we are in to February already! I managed to get quite a bit done.

I stitched 6 designs which I am very pleased with. I would have like to have done more but I received my late Christmas present which has kept me extremely busy.

Meet Bella and Bentley. We have had Bella for 2 1/2 years and were wanting a companion for her. The breeders we got her off had just had a new litter which was perfect. They share the same dad so are brother and sister. They get on so well.

He is very much the Andrex puppy and is a very loving dog.

I have been doing a bit of crochet too. I am doing a granny square a day. I am using up odd bits I wool and apart from the white wool for the border I am hoping to not spend any money on this blanket. This was it at the beginning of last month.

Ds1 will be 12 in April and asked me to make him a crochet blanket for his birthday. We looked on Pinterest for different designs and he chose a ripple blanket. The colours are navy, grey, red and white. I need to spend more time on this in February to get it finished for his birthday.


February goals

1, finish a few valentines designs

2, Christmas ornament for Needle Haven forum

3, continue working on sal piece

4, finish patchwork quilt

5, continue with granny square a day

6, make good progress on ds1 blanket

7, stitch monthly Halloween design

8, stitch Lizzie*Kate May design

As you can see I have a lot to keep me busy this month which I look forward to sharing with you.

Thank you for visiting

Laura x

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